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Another Tau Entry - Apr 9 '06 5:42 PM
Here are 6 Fire Warriors - a portion of a squad (I'll be painting them in small groups). This is the very first batch so I was sorta learning what works and what doesn't on...
Golden Demon LA photo album - Apr 9 '06 10:22 AM
Jeff Wilhelm posted this link on CMON - looks like the quality of entries on LA was pretty decent! Lots of creativity and some beautiful paintjobs. GD LA
Tau Sniper Team - Apr 8 '06 9:40 PM
Here's a shot of the sniper team I completed for the ongoing Tau army.  I'm noticing from the pics that the black base edges may be too strong a contrast for the desert...
LA Gamesday today, and other ramblings - Apr 8 '06 8:23 AM
A great big "best of luck" to all the people competing at LA Gamesday today. Can't wait to see pictures. A little bird tells me Tom Shadle will be competing, and I'm guessing...
Stunning, must-see work by T. Schadle - Apr 3 '06 11:58 AM
Em, WOW. This is just beautiful work, had to share it: Mini Vault
Quick Tau Update - Apr 2 '06 11:24 AM
Just a quick shot of some of the gun drones and a marker drone that I have completed. The pictures are a bit overbright (the white areas on the base are overexposed).  The...
Seeking Sophie, and some Tau Progress - Mar 31 '06 6:45 PM
Hey folks!  If anyone out there has a ReaperCon 05 Sophie (the Cowgirl one) I'd love to buy it from you. Drop me a line at jarrettl@shaw.ca with your price etc. It would...
First Tau Army Entry - Mar 28 '06 5:20 PM
Hey folks! Here's the first unit in what I hope will eventually be a 1500 point list for ebay (gonna take a while!).  They are done, as I mentioned before, in the Sa'cea...
Tau Time - Mar 26 '06 1:21 PM
As many of you probably know, tomorrow will see the release of the new Tau Empire Codex from GW as well as some new models. I plan to hit the local store tomorrow and pick some...
New Look, Same Content - Mar 26 '06 11:51 AM
Hey folks! Despite the fact that I quite liked the look of the old site, it really was a pain in the butt to keep updated and post images on the main page etc. Old news was...
Introducing - Mar 26 '06 11:47 AM
Ryan Bernard Lee Born March 14, 9 lbs 1 oz    
Cadian Officer On Ebay - Mar 26 '06 11:11 AM
This is a test to see how well posting images works in this blog format.
Tau Update - Feb 4 '00 1:59 AM
Well, just got back from my local GW with Codex Tyranids and a box of Stingwings for my Tau   Apparently I dont have enough Tau to paint already!  I think I'm...