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May 29 '10

11:32 AM

Moving On! Hope you will join me :)

Hey gang!

This isn't the end of my painting blog or anything but it's the end of "Tincture Adept" and this URL   I've started up a new site on a new host. The new site is called Mini Junkie (on that site you can read the "About" page to see why.

Links (Please update your bookmarks and RSS feeds so you can come along to the new site with me, don't want you guys to miss anything!


This is something of a trial period - I find the new site allows me to organize and post my galleries more quickly and effectively, and looks nicer to boot.  It will allow me to add other interesting widgets etc as well. Probably I coulda figured out how to do it here but I'm ready to move away from "Tincture Adept".

This blog will stay in place likely until ~ October (because it is paid up until then!) and then will likely go into the sunset. That said, I've moved a few times and my various CMON and other galleries, domain names etc are all getting a bit disorganized and confusing to me. I need to figure it out so half my CMON gallery doesnt stop working

Hope to see you on the new site, thanks for being a part of my hobby!

Oh, by the way - the Tyranid Army will likely go up on ebay this weekend Im also working on some of the new trolls. You can see a few on my new site (in the galleries) and I'm about to work on three more.

Best Regards

Jarrett Lee

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