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May 8 '10

9:20 PM

Baal Predator # 2 Finished, will be on Ebay tomorrow night

As the title says, finally finished this guy. I'm doing another short video of this piece for Youtube as well but will be a while before it's done rendering and uploading. It occurred to me today that this red might look nice on a Khador Army....

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Posted by Bryan Vestal:

What is your recipe for red or how did ya paint that baby!
May 9 '10 @ 3:28 AM

Posted by Jarrett:

It's based on the Space Hulk color scheme from White Dwarf. Basically I basecoat it with VMC Black Red, then another basecoat of Dark Flesh and Blood Red, followed by pure blood red. Edges are blazing orange and blood red mix.
May 9 '10 @ 7:08 AM

Posted by Bryan Vestal:

Well it's very effective and looks great! I've been attempting a Blood Angels force as well. I use drybrushing and washes. I've been visiting your site for a while and I really love you work.
May 9 '10 @ 1:50 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

Thanks, that's always nice to hear!
May 9 '10 @ 2:08 PM

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