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Apr 14 '10

10:47 PM

A look at my current work area

Hey guys,

Posted a new video this evening - a pretty long one (although Youtube max for guys like me is 10 mins) giving a look around my work area and the way I have my station set up. I also go into some of the things I use (tools, paints etc etc).

My wife asked "why would someone want to see a video of your room". Fair question. But I think she doesn't really "get" this fine hobby of ours. 

YouTube is still processing it, I imagine in a couple of hours the HD version will be up.


Thanks for the comments below, guys. Lately I'm pondering a new name for the blog/site/youtube etc. Basically, as my friend says about Tincture Adept: "nobody knows what that means" lol!

There are so many great names out there so far like Battlefoam, Beast of War, Awesomepaintjob.com (love it!).

I was thinking "Warfair" (using air instead of are because of the airbrushing!) but...taken.

This could take a while.  But needs to be done I think.

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Posted by hendry jullius:

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Posted by Jarrett:

I'd say it's 2:1 roughly, paint to medium. I usually dump a pot of GW paint into a 2oz bottle, then half-fill that GW pot with medium and shake it to get the rest of the paint, and dump that into the 2oz as well. And I'll do that for 2-3 additional pots of paint until the 2oz is full.
Apr 17 '10 @ 11:52 AM

Posted by Blair:

Hey Jarret, I'm just wondering what ratio you use of Airbrush Medium to paint is? Keep up the great work!
Apr 17 '10 @ 11:31 AM

Posted by Dehn:

Dear Jarret. Please, post vid where you painting. I'm itching to see your technics and skill. Thank you in advance. Your biggest fan, Dehn from Russia.
Apr 17 '10 @ 11:10 AM

Posted by Jarrett:

:) Basically I sit back from the desk slightly - I lean forward and rest my elbows on my knees to keep my hands/arms steady. Utterly non-ergonomic.
Apr 15 '10 @ 7:13 PM

Posted by Rabid Monkey:

Yikes! How do you paint at your desk with all that junk underneath it, dont you have legs? The space underneath my desk is about the only clear spot in my room.
Apr 15 '10 @ 6:57 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

Yep, baby-steps. They will get better. I'm probably gonna learn by trying and making mistakes :) That's how I learned to paint!
Apr 15 '10 @ 2:02 PM

Posted by BM:

You need some practicing with the camera, and how you shoot videos. For example, if you want people to get a good idea of how something looks like, you should really not ever "walk and look" with the camera. But rather, you should shoot one view, then zoom on specific items ont he view, and then zoom even more. Then you cut. And find another view, and do the same thing again.

The entire looking with the camera is just giving a confusing impression, and you wont really be able to get the "whole impression". I bet there are some guides on how to shoot good videos on the net. Just a thought.
Apr 15 '10 @ 1:34 PM

Posted by doom_of_the_people:

I'm looking forward to the airbrush discussion as well. Keep up the videos and keep painting the Fists.
Apr 15 '10 @ 11:10 AM

Posted by Kevin Barrett:


Excellent video...keep it coming. Really interested in seeing an airbrush tutorial.

Apr 15 '10 @ 8:24 AM

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