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Apr 11 '10

12:33 PM

Imperial Fists Sternguard and "Pedro"

Update: Baal Predator Image Added

Finished up the unit of Sternguard and my HQ guy (based on Pedro  Kantor) last night. You'll notice they dont have the Dark Flesh "splotches". Partly I forgot, partly I've decided they are vets and have nicer armor The helmet/trim colors are probably wrong but w/e There are too many powerfists but I'll just noiminate the guy who has it (probably the Sergeant). They aren't bad, aren't great, but totally good enough for my gaming purposes. The things I have left in my current 1250 list to paint are a dread (black reach) and another speeder.

I have a Blood Angels Baal Predator (Flamestorm version) nearly done - probably 95%. I haven't decided yet if I'll keep it or not. The idea of a Blood Angel force is tempting. Im also trying - and failing, so far - to paint some Sanguinary Guard. Gold, in large quantities, is officially my worst color for painting.

Inspired by the Beasts of War I went and picked up an HD camcorder (Kodak Zi8 . My intention is to do step by step vids, auction vids, possibly product reviews etc (I have no illusions that my vids will be anywhere near the quality of BOWs stuff). However, I need an external microphone for best quality and MAN I cannot find one locally that fits what I need (not too expensive, stereo sound, etc). I'm still looking. Probably have to order it online. Once I have one I'll start trying to do some vids for you guys

Finally, the Ork Bad Moon auctions are ending on ebay tonight.

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Looking forward for yours vids especially paint tutorials. Great idea! Who if not you?
Apr 12 '10 @ 11:57 AM

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