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Mar 7 '10

9:41 PM

Bad Moons Deff Dredd

Picked this guy up at West Ed today and had to assemble/paint him before my trip this week (and DAMN I wish I was gonna be home to do the Kans too!). What an awesome model - tons of poseability and cutomizability. I went for 4 CCWs. I'm also super pleased with this yellow - it's the shade I've been trying to achieve for a long time (not too dark/ochre, not too bright and sunny). It also takes the weathering beautifully.

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Posted by Jarrett:

That reddish tone is actually the basecoat of the yellow which is a mix (not sure how exact the ratio is) of Dark Flesh, Iyandun Yellow and a bit of Tau Ochre. Then I do a couple of other layers of pure Iyandun, Iyandun+Sunburst, and Iyandun/Sunburst/White.
Mar 16 '10 @ 12:42 PM

Posted by WISH LAMP:

You made it as the best blog! Conglads! ... I was surprised when I got it.. I didn't know Bravenet did such a thing. But it is a great feeling when you win! I'm glad you got it!
Mar 13 '10 @ 11:30 AM

Posted by sewa mobil:

wooow...nice robots
Mar 12 '10 @ 11:08 PM

Posted by Josh:

How did you get that masterful yellow? It looks amazing!
Mar 11 '10 @ 1:36 PM

Posted by Ed:

Fantastic work dude. I've just started a small Bad Moons collection and this is very inspiring. Would love to know how you achieve the red / orange tone in the yellow - is it weathering powder?
Mar 10 '10 @ 3:37 AM

Posted by Brad:

I am painting mine as badmoons too. I decided the moment the new dread and cans kits came out to make a small force with as many walkers as I can fit into the points. With Meks making them a core, how can you go wrong? 6 cans and 2 dreads? niiice!
Mar 9 '10 @ 6:27 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

Thanks Brad! Yeah I really went fast on this guy - that's what I like about Orks, even my "rush techniques" look totally great on them :) For now I plan to try and put together a little Bad Moons army but you know how I am with starting them and not finishing them....
Mar 9 '10 @ 6:22 PM

Posted by Brad:

WOW!! That took you NO time at all!! I was putting mine together while you ran to the store, assembled it, and painted it with one of the most kick @#$% paint jobs Ever! Let me know if you ever want to get rid of him...hes whispering to me.
Mar 8 '10 @ 6:10 PM

Posted by Derek:

This thing is insane. I cant believe that you just did him today. Nicely done.
Mar 7 '10 @ 10:26 PM

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