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Jan 30 '10

2:26 PM

Warpstone, Tyranids, Mass Effect 2....

Hey guys,

Sorry for lack of updates, been a bit busy!  This week Mass Effect 2 shipped to stores worldwide. I'm the Senior Marketing Manager for the game, so needless to say it's been hectic lately.

And yet, I've managed to get about 1500-1750 points of Tyranids painted   You see some examples below but I hope to get some more done before posting more photos. That includes a Mawloc, Deathleaper, Gargoyles, Hive Guard...a bunch of stuff.

I entered the annual Warpstone contest at GW Kingsway today, I believe judging it tomorrow. Not many entries but some amazing stuff by Rick Taylor as always He does such amazing freehand on his entries!

Thought I'd post a picture of my workbench right now - as I paint, especially with armies, the paint bottles slowly but surely pile up all around my "elbow room". Normany I like to keep a nice clear area to keep organized. Yeah, that's not what we see here - "organized". I think I have too much paint. You cant even see another full rack of the stuff off to the right in this photo. May be time for a great paint purge but it's hard to throw away 50 bottles when you know you paid 4 bucks each for them!

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Posted by Laura Stokes:

Posted by Jarrett:

Yeah I think the carousels are taking up too much space and to be honest I dont use them much lol. I need to figure out a better solution.
Feb 8 '10 @ 8:39 AM

Posted by Rabid Monkey:

Dont throw your paint out, just find a better way to store it. Yeah those spinners organize them well but they take up too much space. Plus, as soon as you throw some color out you'll just be wanting it again for the next project. If you're like me you'll be able to go through them once in a while and throw out 3 or 4 that have dried up over the years. Thats a good place to start.
Feb 7 '10 @ 8:43 AM

Posted by B:

Awesome game, congrats on being involved with such a sure-fire success! Also, you work area looks a lot like mine...Way Too Much stuff...Spring cleaning Time!
Feb 1 '10 @ 2:55 PM

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