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Oct 10 '09

2:41 PM

Happy Thanksgiving (Canada)

Update: all of the items shown below are scheduled to be on ebay this evening (Monday) starting around 7:15 PST.

Hey folks,

So as usual my insanely busy job and painting whenever I get time has left me little time to tend to the blog - sorry for infrequently updating. 

I painted up 1000 points of Tau but then Space Wolves caught my eye and I have 1000 points of those in progress now. As such I will be ebaying the Tau this weekend. I am also going to be selling/ebaying a variety of finished and not-quite-finished models including the Stegasaur and Ork Battlewagon below. Also my Cryx army, but I dont want to list everything at once because then the shipping logistics become a pain

I told myself "no more fantasy" and that I wasnt interested in the Skaven. Then I saw the screaming bell slash plague furnace in the new book at GW. OH MY GOD - I can't believe how completely awesome the GW plastic kits are lately. These are just magnificent. I love the Rat Ogre pulling the chain to ring the bell.  Wicked. So I preordered the army book and the Doomwheel (which is also really cool).

Here's some photos of recent work.



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Posted by Soldaan:

Okay thanks!
Hopefully my Stegadon is going to look half as good as yours :)

Keep up the goodwork!
Nov 2 '09 @ 5:14 AM

Posted by Jarrett:

Dont recall...I dont think so on the flesh of that guy.
Nov 1 '09 @ 12:41 PM

Posted by soldaan:

THank man, I'm going to get these colors and see what will happen! I'm not that familiar with Valejo so hopefully it will be a nice acquaintance!


(did you use any washes in the process?)
Nov 1 '09 @ 11:18 AM

Posted by Jarrett:

Heya :) I totally don't mind sharing that although I can barely remember...I believe it's a base of Vallejo Model Color Cayman Green, which was highlited by adding small amounts of dead flesh over several layers. Might have been bone instead of dead flesh, can't recall.
Nov 1 '09 @ 9:09 AM

Posted by Soldaan:

Hey there Jarrett!
I really love the way you painted the Stegadon, great job! I was wondering which colors you used on the skin of the beast! I look realy great!

I hope you want to share it with us :D
Nov 1 '09 @ 2:29 AM

Posted by Jarrett:

Thanks! Sorry your comment got caught in the darn spam filter. Yeah the wolves are coming along great too but definitely taking longer just because of how many there are :)
Oct 17 '09 @ 5:38 PM

Posted by Tim Whittemore:

The speed and quality in which you put out your work just floors me....... I have spent 6 months just trying to get 1500 points of space marines done. BRAVO!
Oct 14 '09 @ 7:22 PM

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