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Sep 10 '09

9:15 PM

Space Hulk!

Hi guys! Man, been a while - sorry for the inactivity.  Actually it's been blog inactivity - I've been painting plenty.  I have 1k of Guard I'm playing now, and have started another Ork force.

But my main focus has been the new Space Hulk! You can put me firmly in the "this set kicks BUTT" camp of opinion. I know some people bitch about the price, or wanting plastic corridors blah blah but I think it's just gorgeous. I love the printed tiles, the overall polish, and the models are stunning.

I have almost my whole set painted. For the most part I just have to do minor tweaks like painting purity seal wax (things like that). Actually, just when I think I've managed to paint all the details I find a tiny detail I missed like a gem or something. These guys are really detailed. I have all the stealers done, all the marines pretty much, the door bases....just need to do the Librarian now.  He's last because he has a unique color scheme that was not part of any assembly line process. Pictured below are a subset of my Terminators (I still have to do the faces on the Seargents so they aren't pictured yet).  I'm doing them in the official colors because I love how it looks.  I'm also going somewhat fast (I had the set on Friday and was ready to play with them by Tuesday) so there are some corners cut.

I also bought 2 more sets to paint and probably sell someday.

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Posted by Rabid Monkey:

Sweet! Cant wait to see the rest. I just started painting one of my sets.

Post up some more pics of your guard if you get a chance. It was lookig great, i'd like to see more of it.
Sep 13 '09 @ 3:49 AM

Posted by dlarke:

They look awesome and playing with them on Tues was a treat!
Sep 10 '09 @ 11:11 PM

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