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Mar 10 '09

8:57 PM

Chaos Progress

Here's a quick WIP shot (without tripod. Hard to keep it steady) of the Chaos Terminators to accompany Typhus.  This is after everything is basically done except the dull-coat. I went with my usual grass/dirt combo and am reasonably happy with it.  Bear in mind "quick 'n' tabletoppy" is the standard I'm shooting for with these.

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Posted by Sue:

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Posted by Play Games:

I like your figures. Very good painting :)
Mar 26 '09 @ 1:08 AM

Posted by Jarrett:


I have a bunch of stuff in WIP right now so yeah it's all coming along pretty fast. Just gotta start finishing some stuff and stop starting new armies. Like Salamanders.....
Mar 21 '09 @ 11:40 PM

Posted by Tim:

How the heck do you paint so quickly?!? Wow, you call it table toppy standard but compared to most what I've seen out there in my local gaming circles you'd blow'em all away. Cheers.
Mar 20 '09 @ 10:09 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

Yep! I was painting marines last night. Coming along very fast. But again, only tabletop - I feel guilty.
Mar 12 '09 @ 11:50 AM

Posted by Robin:

Looking great man! Can't wait to see more of your army. Sad thing is, you will surpase me in points in no time, I am sure. I will have to get back on my Chaos to give you a run for your money, heh.
Mar 12 '09 @ 9:59 AM

Posted by Glenn Bell:

Does anyone know what happened to Jason Richards website?? It's not there anymore
Mar 11 '09 @ 8:27 AM

Posted by Jarrett:

Yep - I've theoretically got some on order (marines conversion pack, and some doors). Now I'm waiting for them to ship. What a pain!
Mar 10 '09 @ 9:36 PM

Posted by B:

I think they look good. From the picture there is a reasonable amount of detail to be seen. I also think you will enjoy playing chaos...they are a decent faction to play. (mine look like the apostles of MinthRas)
I also picked up a bunch of the forge world nurgle stuff which looks killer, and I strongly recomend the models, just not the ship time!:P
Mar 10 '09 @ 9:16 PM

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