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Mar 4 '09

9:14 PM

Da Big Game

So tonight I had the big game - 2000 points of my Orks vs 2000 points of Ultramarines. All painted (nicely I think) and with nice terrain too.


What do you suppose happens when you get a competitive tournament player who's been playing the same army since the early nineties (or earlier!) vs a guy playing his second game ever who doesn't know his army very well? And what if that "new guy" rolls LOTS of 1's?

Yeah. Bloodbath. It wasn't pretty.

Although, it *was* pretty in the sense that the battle looked pretty amazing. I enjoyed it from an aesthetic perspective.

Here's some photos. Lots.

The dice. He had UM symbols, I had ork symbols. One of these symbols appeared a lot. It wasn't the Ork symbol.

The Executioner:

Me, pre-beating:

Here's where the ugliness starts - a Drop Pod lands next to my Lootas, a Dreadnought pops out and (at some point soon after) flamers the poor guys to death in the trees. The lootas - some of my best guys - never got a shot off.

Scout bikes - on turn one, they were lobbing grenades into my main battle tank's rear in my deployment zone. Bad.  Look at the painting on the little screens though - so nice!

My boyz, punishing the Scout Bikes. A few casualties nearby.

This was cool - 1 surviving Grot, giving a cover save to some boyz vs a Vindicator. Brave little guy.

A group of nobs. the crater used to be the UM Dread, who they killed.

The transport got immobilized early on, making it hard for me to get the Meganobs/Ghaz into the fight. Didn't help a nearby tactical unit loaded into a Rhino and drove away lol.

Drop pod becomes crater. Wasn't a satisfying kill though.

You can imagine how it went from here....

Overall, was very fun. And what a sight to behold! I do think 2000 points makes for quite a long game. I might be cut out for shorter/smaller games. I was getting tired. It might have been from all the blood loss though   Big thanks to Miles Holmes, my opponent, and Bjorn my Ork coach.



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Posted by Terry:

It would have been nice if we got to see the images that you had shared. But it seems that the images that you shared were corrupted somehow. Well, I can get the hints of the events from the narratives you have given.
Feb 28 '19 @ 1:47 AM

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Posted by Robin:

Nice battle report. I was just saying to Liz the other day that I wanted to start brining my cameras to games... this really shows how it can be done well.

Glad you got the game in... definately a pretty sight, you and Miles have some great figs painted, and the terrain was well done (still love your simple-yet-functional battlemat thingy).

Kick Miles in the groin next time you see him, that will make you feel better :p

Cheers, Robin
Mar 5 '09 @ 11:50 AM

Posted by BM:

Amazing battlefield, and loads of great painted figures! I would be afraid to play with you guys, too scared to scratch a model or something. :D
Mar 5 '09 @ 8:09 AM

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