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Feb 16 '09

10:23 PM

Quick Big Boyz

Picked up these 3 Meganobs for the army around 3:30 pm today, finished them off tonight. A bit gruelling.

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Posted by Sarah:

I believe that there was some photo you have attached with this article, which seems to be missing now. I wonder what exactly happened and it is very hard to make out what exactly was there in the photo.
Oct 5 '17 @ 5:16 AM

Posted by jack:

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Posted by Jarrett:

Feb 19 '09 @ 12:46 PM

Posted by Chris Tregenza:


Just letting you know that you've been featured in our round up of the best miniature related blog posts of the week: http://6d6fireball.com/rpg/the-lead-bucket-breaks-free/

Feb 19 '09 @ 2:47 AM

Posted by Jarrett:

heh :) Yeah, the Orks are a lot of fun both in terms of fluff and in terms of painting them. I really enjoy it. I do think that if I was trying to paint them red or yellow armored etc, it would be far harder and I'd probably run out of steam.
Feb 18 '09 @ 10:02 AM

Posted by Patrick Gordon:

I just picked up the Black Reach box set with the intention of selling the Orks off to a friend. After seeing your work, I'm reconsidering. Gotta fight the urge...
Feb 18 '09 @ 9:46 AM

Posted by Jarrett:

In this case it was kinda easy - lotsa metal, washes, rusting etc. Not much skin to paint on these guys.

I just hunker down and go hard for a few hours straight. Not great for the neck and shoulders lol.
Feb 16 '09 @ 10:33 PM

Posted by Mark:

teach me how to paint fast man!
Feb 16 '09 @ 10:32 PM

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