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Feb 14 '09

10:50 AM

V-Day Update

Man - I'm on a spree lately. I went on a diet for the New Year and I'm sticking to it but apparently I've replaced my addiction to potato chips with an increased addiction for buying too many models

Work has resumed on the Ork army, which will be for sale on ebay in the near(ish) future. I'm almost done the Forgeworld Boss Biker, and just picked up Boss Zagstruck for the Stormboyz as well as a Deff Dread.

I actually fondled another box of the Stegadon model but decided to put it back for now, and finish the two I started. The EoTGods one is almost done.  Then there are the skinks and Kroxigors I also bought and need to assemble/paint.  Madness.

I'm a bit bitter about the Warmachine situation in Edmonton lately. Stores seem to have stopped getting in the new stuff (or at least, getting it in with some sort of timeliness). Gamers Lair took a hit when the owner disappeared (understandable but a major bummer since it was Warmachine mecca) and Red Claw is cranky at PP and doesnt get the new stuff anymore unless you special order it (which I rarely bother to do). So it's Sentry Box, which is reliable but frankly priced higher than the local scene and adds shipping charges.  All I wanted today was a 70 dollar box of Bloodgorgers, is that too much to ask for??

I really dont know how I expect to build and paint all this stuff without severely neglecting other aspects of life (like, y'know, kids n' stuff).

Oh, and apologies for the site being down all the time. I dont know what Bravenet's problem is lately. I pay for this service, and lately it's kinda sucking. I'd move providers but it's a big hassle with all the photos I have online now.

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Posted by Derek:

Who doesn't fondle Stegadons on Valentines?:P
Feb 14 '09 @ 7:19 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

Cool - not necessary but nice :) Im not sure when I'll be down with the Lizzies, just based on this backlog of painting lol.

It was called Vallejo Pumice Putty or Coarse Putty (depends, lable is Italian). Comes in a white tub. Usually it's on the bottom shelf of the Vallejo Model Color racks.
Feb 14 '09 @ 1:18 PM

Posted by B:

mmm stegadons...I have the same problem, and now looking at your lizzardman army I HAD to paint some too...sigh
On a side note, a long while ago I got the name of the pumice stone (paste) you were using on some of your models. Do you remember the brand name and know where it can be bought?
cheers, B
p.s. lemme know when the lizzie debute at the claw will happen, i have a card for you from the kids.
cheers again
Feb 14 '09 @ 11:54 AM

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