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Feb 7 '09

11:48 AM

More on Lizardmen


No pics yet but got 12 Skink Skirmishers done so far.

I debated going out to February Fracas today but ultimately since I wasn't entering the Golden Goblin this year I didn't think I'd get very much out of it (I imagine a lot of the preview stuff was Lizzies, which I plan to buy anyway lol).

With limited time, I decided to come home and start assembling my Lizardmen stuff.

The new plastics and models for Lizzies are mostly awesome, with a few not so awesome (some of which are not new I guess):

- Stegadon.....the whole time I'm assembling these (I bought TWO) Im thinking "epic". These are so, so awesome.

- Temple Guard - also awesome. Very nice looking and very easy to assemble!

- The new book - awesome although I'm a newb. Im actually READING the fluff. I never, ever do that.

- Chakax..... the model and his rules are really win. Making him only available by Direct Services: epic fail.  Who the heck made that decision??

- Kroxigors - bodies are win, heads are fail. I actually ponder putting Dark Elf cold-one heads on these. That'll be expensive though. I didnt buy any yet because I hate the heads.

- Same with the old Cold One riders. It's a shame the DE cold ones are so awesome but the actual Lizardmen ones are....goofy looking basically. Pass!

So far I have (in various states of built, primed or partially painted)

2 Steggies

32 Saurus Warriors

24 Skinks

20 Temple Guard

a Scar Veteran

a Slaan Mage-Priest


Seems like a good start. I'll probably add Teradons later too.


Oh, speaking of fail by the way: WTF is up with Forgeworld? Seriously, hire more people or something for Pete's sake.  The product is awesome, why not match it with service?  The Ork Bike I ordered probably more than 2 months ago (and was charged for already) still isn't here. I went to the post office with a notice today but it was for a Warstore order. An order I placed Monday, from the States, took about 4 days to reach me regular shipping.


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Posted by Jarrett:

Yeah I ended up buying 1 Kroxi so far, to rank up with 12 skinks (which, it turns out, don't rank up very well if you dont plan that out carefully in advance).

My ork biker finally arrived from Forgeworld (from Sweden??). So I'll probably split my time between the Lizzies and working on him.
Feb 12 '09 @ 6:41 PM

Posted by Rabid Monkey:

Get the Kroxigors while you can. My LGS says they're a flash release and after the first month they'll be direct only. Thats a bigger epic fail than the characters being direct only in my opinion. Who decided that the most usefull CORE unit upgrade should be mail order only. God, they'll try anything to boost their online sales. :(
Feb 12 '09 @ 3:50 PM

Posted by Brad:

No joke hey?? The last order I placed a bunch of us over at the Redclaw did together, and not only did it not arrive for almost three months, BUT then they started shipping in pieces! A little here and there...each one with its own shipping problems...They got the order wrong too and sent one of the guys a wrong arm. WOW!
Feb 8 '09 @ 11:45 AM

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