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Jan 17 '09

10:34 PM


(ok that was weak)

Y'know what I'm a huge fan of lately?  GW plastic kits. Each new one that comes out just seems better than the last - these  Storm Boys are just awesome. I picked up two boxes so far and it was really easy to make a squad of 10 different looking and very dynamic, detailed troopers. In fact, I enjoy working with these plastics so much I actually am starting to dislike metal figs a bit. Well, dislike is a strong word but I definitely drag my feet getting to them. Just get tired of the endless amounts of flash and hard-to-fix mold lines, along with slow gluing. These are fast to clean, and glue instantly.

Should be done these sometime this week. Already about 60% done I'd estimate.


Here's a wip shot. You can see that I do the messiest part first: the rusty metal. So far what I've done is based any metal areas with watered down (not a lot) Boltgun metal. This is drybrushed with chainmail/silver mix, then washed twice with my "special mix" of several inks. I also do the base drybrushing during this phase. Next I will stipple on some dark rust, and eventually brush on some Mig pigment of standard rust.

After that, I'll paint over anywhere the metal was not supposed to go with black, and paint the details like pants, leather straps, etc etc. Then the last stage is probably the skin.

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Jan 29 '11 @ 6:18 PM

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Posted by Dan "YoungWolf7" Smith:

I decide whether to shout "WAAAAAAAAGH!" or "Up, up and away!"

I had built up 40 of the other Stormboyz and now I've decided to replace half of them with the new plastics. Mo' money...
Jan 20 '09 @ 6:36 PM

Posted by Gryphin:

Cool, thanks. I'll have to toy around with them.
Jan 19 '09 @ 10:35 AM

Posted by Jarrett:

It's probably a bit of both. By drybrushing the light silver before the wash, it gives a nice smooth transition from darker to lighter areas of the metal - but I also have two desk lamps shining on the unit in this shot.

The ink mix is like this (I dont have any precise measurements - which is a problem because I need to make more!)

Base is "Didi's Magic Ink - Black" from www.warstore.com.

I use about half a bottle of it, and add to that the following various inks in various amounts (less for green and yellow, for example)

Vallejo Game Color Inks: Sepia, Brown, Green, Yellow, bit of red.

I think that's it....
Jan 19 '09 @ 8:28 AM

Posted by Anonymous:

are the highlights from the lighting in the room, or are they from a final directional drybrushing of a very light silver? I'd love to know the ink mix, it's a really kickass look. I feel like there's maybe a Burnt Umber/Payne's Grey and Black in various proportions in the mix. Or maybe a Burnt Umber/dark purple/black.
Jan 18 '09 @ 9:24 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

Since you asked so nice, yep I'll post an update with wip shot.
Jan 18 '09 @ 1:00 PM

Posted by B:

cool, picked some of the nobs and stormboys up after you left! Any chance we can see a WIP on the storm boys?
Jan 18 '09 @ 11:13 AM

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