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Jan 6 '09

8:35 PM

New Ork Battlewagon

Finished a new Ork Battlewagon for my Deathskullz force - I'll likely add a unit of the new Stormboyz too when they are released.

This wagon is mostly meant to be a "main tank" style wagon - I didnt use the side gunner Orks that usually ride in the back but I may yet paint them up. Heck, this kit was so fun to paint I may add another one in a different configuration. The actual "killkannon" isn't out yet (it's an online accessory sprue I think) but maybe this could proxy for that for now.

Hope you like it!

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Posted by Jarrett:

I think I bought them at Comex in Kingsway Mall. Not sure if they still have them or not, last time they had sold out of most of the colors.
Jan 18 '09 @ 2:50 PM

Posted by B:

where do you get Mig Pigments from? I will go pick myself up some pronto!
Jan 18 '09 @ 11:15 AM

Posted by Jarrett:

I'm using Mig Pigments - in this case, it's "standard rust". I usually put it on before I spray on some dull-cote, but in this case I also applied it afterwards because the dull cote really darkens the pigment powder (you can see that on the Nob mob I posted).

Yeah, I actually had put some on the wheels but not as much, maybe I'll put some more.
Jan 17 '09 @ 11:18 PM

Posted by B:

What process do you use to get your rust? Looks very sharp and I would like to incorporate the look too...The wagon needs some rust on the metal plates on the wheels too.
Jan 17 '09 @ 9:42 AM

Posted by Jarrett:

yeah it's a great kit - the red ones look pretty nice but of course my guys are blue-themed.

I kinda got carried away on the rusting but still kinda dig it overall.
Jan 6 '09 @ 8:56 PM

Posted by Dan Smith:

Wow. That was fast. I've got two on order and plans for a third. Nice to see it in something other than red. :)
Jan 6 '09 @ 8:44 PM

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