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Dec 26 '08

10:38 AM

Holiday Season Update

Hope everyone is having a (relatively!) happy holiday season. Updates have been sorely lacking around here as I go through my cyclical hiatus of painting. Kinda got swept up by the bumper crop of great video games that came out during November period. That's slowing down now and I'm starting to feel the pull of the painting desk.

In particular, I got a copy of the new White Dwarf in my stocking yesterday and took in some of the details on the new Ork releases coming in January. I'll probably go back to Orks and add some of those (esp. the Battlewagon) to my army. Sad thing is though, my main 40k opponent is moving away sometime soon, and I wasnt even sure how keen I was on the rules, so I may (likely) end up selling the Orks in Jan-Feb ish.

I'm off another week. Sure wish they'd released the Orks sooner so I could work on them.  But I'll dive in soon as possible.

The for sale page is updated (mostly with stuff that is now Sold) but I may add more to it soon, like that Crimson Fist dreadnought.

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