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Nov 2 '08

2:26 PM

Chaos and AT-43 Auctions, Unpainted for Sale

This weekend I picked up some of the nice new Chaos models - a box of 5 mounted knights and the single mounted Chaos Lord (kinda looks like Frazetta's Death Dealer - in a good way).  Today I went back to buy the army book......but the poor guy couldn't ring it into the cash register. That was really bizarre. It wouldn't scan and he couldn't seem to look it up (nobody was really helping him out with that either). Bummer - I'm pretty patient but after about 7 or 8 minutes I threw in the towel.  Looks like a nice book though :

So hopefully I'll try painting these guys up if I can tear myself away from Fallout 3.

If you are interested in AT-43, I have a few auctions up on ebay tonight around 7:15 PST.

Finally, I've decided to list some of the models I have assembled/based/primed (or some mixture of the three) since I have so many that I wont' get around to. I've done a partial list on the For Sale page - mostly Warmachine and Hordes stuff. I've discounted them a fair bit. They are either ready to paint or you could strip them.  If there's interest in these I may post some of the other ones I have.

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Posted by marc yablon:

what did you do to the chaos lord?
Dec 25 '08 @ 4:14 PM

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