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Oct 4 '08

1:24 PM


So now that I have 1000 pts of Orks playable, my eye of course wanders to - no surprise here - the new Marine stuff!

I picked up the Codex today and a Pedro Kantor from my friend (same one who I played the first game against). I'm planning to do a Crimson Fists force. Turns out I have a rhino half painted with Forgeworld fist doors from like 5 years ago - so that's a nice kickstart  

I don't like the really-really dark blue they use in the official scheme (or in the tale of 4 gamers series in WD) so I'm looking for a slightly lighter blue with some lighter edge highlites as well. I want to be able to see some definition in the models. I find the official ones lack contrast - both in terms of the blue alone and also the blue vs the reds. My test color is actually using P3 paints - base Exile Blue, Highlite Cygnar Blue Base, edges using Vallejo GC Magic Blue. I'll put up a test model soon(ish) to see what you guys think.

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