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Sep 28 '08

9:13 AM

Small Update

Hey folks!

The release of Warhammer Online slowed my painting down a bit, but not a lot - I'm still cranking stuff out.  The Orks continue to grow and I'm very close to having my 1000 points done (have to be because I'm supposed to play my first game possibly this week).  The battlewagon turned out disappointingly to look like a Leman Russ with stuff stuck on it. Photo below is around 90% done. Oh well.  The Warboss from AoBR turned out nice (in this photo he's not dullcoated yet.

One thing slowing down Ork progress is I'm also painting up Warmachine stuff with the release of Legends. For example, just cranked out Cankerworm for my Cryx. My "quick and dirty" Cryx paintscheme allows me to paint them up fast for gaming which is nice. So as usual I'm buying stuff faster than I can paint it. I'm also grossly tempted by all the sweet new Space Marine models coming out....

PS - it seems weird that these totally ad-hoc, holding the camera in my shaky hands photos are nearly as nice as the ones I try to take in my light tent with 4 lights and a tripod lol.


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