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Sep 16 '08

8:44 PM

Trukk Done

Here's one of my quick-and-dirty photos - this time of the Ork Trukk. The flash was a bit unkind to the front end. Note that I plan to add paint chips to a few of the models at the very end all in one go (like the battlewagon, etc). And these are of course painted for 3-feet-away gaming impressiveness

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Posted by Anonymous:

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Posted by Jarrett:

I meant to say "Bright and stark"
Sep 17 '08 @ 8:00 AM

Posted by Jarrett:

Yep I know what you mean and it's not too late really, I could probably do some more blue for example. Part of it was I was looking at the various parts and wasn't really seeing anywhere that felt appropriate. Also, the flash is kinda making the metal look really bright and start and maybe overwhelming it. In person, the 2 Orks kinda balance it out nicely.

Basically I painted this like anything else - I put it together, primed it, and painted metallic all over it. Did my washes and weathering, then painted in some details and the drivers etc. The orks are of course only painted from the waist up. You can't really see their bottom halves anyway.
Sep 17 '08 @ 7:58 AM

Posted by Rabid Monkey:

You're a madman! I've never seen anyone put out so many orks in such a short time.

I like the trukk but to be honest, I think it could use some more color. Er... nothing bright, just less metals, if you get my meaning. I'm not quite sure how to put it. Maybe its just the flash.

How did you go about assembling / painting this beast? I've seen some unpainted ones fully assembled and it looks like a pain up in the neck to paint the driver and engine area.
Sep 16 '08 @ 10:20 PM

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