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Sep 13 '08

10:23 PM

Deff Koptas Done

Here's a desktop shot - 'scuse the poor quality.

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Posted by Dan Smith:

I have 15 of those buggers on the way. Dunno if I'll keep them all. The ones I do will definitely get some convertin' though. :)
Sep 15 '08 @ 8:07 PM

Posted by Patrick Gordon:

You're making me want to paint Orks. I'm not going to do it. No way. Not a chance... Well maybe just the one I got in White Dwarf this month... Yeah just the one...
Sep 15 '08 @ 11:44 AM

Posted by bobby:

tooo good
Sep 15 '08 @ 4:27 AM

Posted by bobby:

tooo gud!!
Sep 15 '08 @ 4:26 AM

Posted by Jarrett:

Poor quality photo that is.
Sep 14 '08 @ 3:41 PM

Posted by marc yablon:

do you mean same quatly as what i got for free from white dwarf and their warhammer games battle for skull pass.:(
Sep 14 '08 @ 12:28 PM

Posted by Derek Osborne:

Smashing sir...this force is really turning out quite nicely...and you paint like a man posessed. Holy crap!

Sep 14 '08 @ 9:27 AM

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