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Sep 11 '08

9:21 PM

Whew - still at 'er!

Man - it's amazing how long it takes to paint 30....40....50 Ork boyz lol. Just when I think I'm getting to the end of a batch of 10, I notice I still need to do the teeth. Or the eyes. Or the rust. Or the tattoos.

To break it up I am trying to paint characters and vehicles in between Boyz batches, but it's still a bit of a grind. I have a Big Mek with KFF almost done though.

I've also been trying to read the rulebook and feel quite intimidated by them so far lol. I have peeked ahead at the vehicle section and it looks confusing. My friend tells me Warmachine is more complicated, but so far it doesn't feel that way. Probably because I havent tried 40k yet in practice. Im wondering if this intimidation is why I never tried playing the Tau or Necron armies I painted a while back....

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Posted by Dan Smith:

Meh. Don't get discouraged. I've never played a game of 40K in my life. The Orks have the visual appeal I need to play. Win or lose, they're entertaining and that's what counts. :)
Sep 12 '08 @ 7:08 AM

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