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Sep 7 '08

6:24 PM

Very Orky Weekend

Spent most of this weekend demolishing a squirrel infested shed and hauling the debris to the dump. But I still found time to pick up Assault on Black Reach and start assembling orks! I also finished painting my first big mob - 21 shoota boyz.  For HQ, I'm finding myself torn between a big Mek with FF or a Weirdboy....Weirdboyz sound kinda fun!

Here's a far away shot of the army i have so far, and a blurry shot of the boyz.

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Posted by Jarrett:

Funny you should ask! I definitely did make sure to get some Troop work done since I knew it would be the hardest part to stay motivated about, and once out of the way I could finish the army with the "good stuff". However, what I'm doing now is alternating work between groups of ~ 10 boyz and the characters/vehicles. For my centerpiece (per se), I picked up a Leman Russ Demolisher to convert into a Battlewagon (which coincidentally seems to be what Irondog is using too). I also have a Trukk but it doesnt look like it will be part of my first list.

For HQ, I'm using the AoBR Warboss as well as the Big Mek with Kustom Force Field. Later I may use a Weirdboy. I'm also using 3 Defkoptas. So that's the plan so far. In fact right now I have 10 more boyz nearly done and the Big Mek about 1/4 done. I plan to do the characters "nicer" but still not like superb quality, as I want to get up and gaming soonish.
Sep 9 '08 @ 8:13 PM

Posted by Dan Smith:

On a side note, I find it interesting that you seem to be banging out the troops first. Have you resolved your "centerpiece" debate? What are you planning on running for HQ? I tend to work on the characters first to inspire myself and then get stuck in with the hordes, not the other way around.
Sep 9 '08 @ 8:08 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

Yeah, all of the vehicles are totally kickass but the Tater Titan takes the cake!
Sep 9 '08 @ 7:59 PM

Posted by Dan Smith:

Of all the people to run into, Nate you're the last I expected. Ultramarines no less. :D

Wednesday nights are now occupied by my son's football practices so that's out. I haven't picked up a brush in 4 months anyway sadly. I'm hoping to get back to it depending on how treatment goes here soon.

Sorry to threadjack Jarrett. :)

I've been watching Irondog build that Tater Titan and his big Wartrukk/Batlewagon over the last few months. It's what persuaded me to go green. ;)
Sep 9 '08 @ 7:46 PM

Posted by Jarrett:


Dan - I'm actually familiar with Irondog from a loooong time ago when I used to buy some of his printed SM banners. I had no idea he had that Ork army posted, and WOW is it HAWT! Thanks for bringing it to my attention. It's a beauty, and very inspiring.
Sep 9 '08 @ 6:49 PM

Posted by Rabid Monkey:

Awe, crap! If I end up looking at orks painted by Jarrett AND Dan I'll have no choice but to go green. Too much inspiration for me to handle.

PS: Dan, you should come back to painting night on Wednesdays if you're feeling up to it. Screw teaching classes, just come hang out and paint. You should come too Jarret, if your'e ever in Salt Lake ;)
Sep 9 '08 @ 6:25 PM

Posted by Dan Smith:

Nothing to show just yet. However, if you haven't seen it yet, I've found the IRONDOG Studios site to be very inspirational. His Tater Titan is to die for.

Sep 9 '08 @ 4:16 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

Thanks, and cool! If you have photos pls share :)
Sep 9 '08 @ 8:32 AM

Posted by Dan Smith:

The Orks are looking good! I've got a hankering to get my Bad Moon boyz going full Waaagh here soon. :)
Sep 8 '08 @ 7:57 PM

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