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Aug 30 '08

8:23 PM

Ork Work Continues

I guess until Black Reach hits next week I won't have a whole lot to show. Right now though, I'm working on getting the shoota boyz mob up to 20 with 2 rokitt launchers, and have 6 loota boys mostly done (just need to do the flesh). I also have a Trukk in pieces ready to clean up and assemble.

And 4-5 other WIP projects, non-Ork related

Although, looking at my desk maybe "4-5" is a low estimate....

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Posted by Jarrett:

Those are called Paintier 80s, I bought them online from the Warstore.com :)
Sep 10 '08 @ 8:07 AM

Posted by David:

Where did you get those revolving racks for your paint? I need some of those :)
Sep 9 '08 @ 10:55 AM

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