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Aug 28 '08

8:01 PM

More Skeleton Photos - including a couple of closer shots

(bear in mind these were painted for tabletop quality, so they aren't super neat).  The skeletons are For Sale on the for sale page.

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Posted by freeboot:

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Aug 13 '10 @ 6:59 PM

Posted by BM:

Outstanding for "gaming quality"
Aug 29 '08 @ 10:30 AM

Posted by Jarrett:

Yeah I hear ya - for me, I never would do it either but lately I'm trying it. I guess key thing is to only use small amounts unless you want something super rusty :)
Aug 29 '08 @ 8:45 AM

Posted by Patrick Gordon:

You have me rethinking the way I do corroded metal. I've just never had the balls to put orange on metal parts for rust even though rust IS orange. It's never looked quite right for me. I have to get over it. The shield on the bottom skellie is exactly what I'm shooting for.
Aug 29 '08 @ 6:26 AM

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