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Aug 27 '08

9:12 PM

Skeletons Done

As promised, here's a shot of that unit of skeletons I painted mostly for fun. They are mounted on resin bases from Dragonforge which I found to be very clean-cut and high quality - a real pleasure to work with and I recommend them.  These were done up pretty fast, and the picture isn't the greatest. I have to fix up the transfer I used on the banner because the dull-cote frosted it a bit.

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Posted by Jarrett:

I block all the metal with Boltgun. Actually, let me post a step by step on the main blog....
Aug 28 '08 @ 11:42 AM

Posted by David Jimenez:

What effects are you using for your rust?

Blocking with bronze? or tin bitz?
Aug 28 '08 @ 11:20 AM

Posted by Patrick Gordon:

I'd love to see a bigger pic.
Aug 28 '08 @ 11:10 AM

Posted by Jarrett:

Thanks! I'll try to get a bigger/better picture later. I kinda put the musician with his horn blocking too much of the view, and the angle is maybe not ideal. I may also give them a wash to pick out some of the bones a bit better, not sure. And the flag needs touchup as mentioned. I like how they turned out though.
Aug 28 '08 @ 9:36 AM

Posted by Patrick Gordon:

Aug 28 '08 @ 9:31 AM

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