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Aug 25 '08

1:12 PM

Need a centerpiece of some sort?

Hey guys. As I continue to work on my list and painting/assembling etc, it strikes me that my Ork army is very troop heavy (like, foot-soldiers) and doesn't have the big centerpiece type vehicle or unit to taie it together. I wonder, think it would be ok to use this Squiggoth as a "counts as" Battlewagon?


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Posted by Jarrett:

Cool! Yeah I like the Gigantic one but he's pretty pricey and if I was going to spend that much, I suppose I could just buy the FW battlewagon :)
Aug 25 '08 @ 8:38 PM

Posted by danny:

Heck yeah! even official tourneys usually only care about the origin of the model being one of the companies that GW is affiliated with. And that is painted! Well you are certainly going to paint it! LOL. Besides if you dont play in many tourneys its not a concern--any opponent who objects is probably someone you wont enjoy playing anyway----jus my 2 cents!
Aug 25 '08 @ 7:02 PM

Posted by Rabid Monkey:

Open topped? check
Front armor 14? looks good enough
Transport capacity 20? Maybe not, but your trucks cant hold anywhere near 12 models so it shouldnt be a big deal.
Mount a killcannon? Check
Deff rolla? That toothy maw looks like it could do d6 strenght 10 hits to me.

I dont see why you couldnt get away with using this as a battlewagon. I'd let you use it if you were playing against me. If you plan on going to any tournaments you should check with the organizers first but other than that go for it.

My support on this matter has nothing to do with my desire to see you paint one of these things. On second thought, I think this thing would only pass for a truk, if you want a battlewagon you should pony up for a gargantuan squiggoth :P
Aug 25 '08 @ 5:14 PM

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