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Aug 24 '08

9:22 PM

Ork Boyz WIP

Hey folks, hope you had a great weekend. I'm back at the painting table after a couple of days away, and have been painting the boyz's flesh. Based on the WIP shot below - which I admit is a somewhat crappy photo - what do you think so far? Leave a comment! These are Deathskullz so they will have some blue warpaint soon (although no "entire face blue" as I dont like that look).

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Posted by zaiyamariya:

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May 5 '20 @ 2:46 AM

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Posted by Mònica:

lee post de vargas:):):):)
Sep 2 '08 @ 9:40 AM

Posted by Mònica:

lee post de vargas
Sep 2 '08 @ 9:39 AM

Posted by Jarrett:

Sure I may do a step by step (perhaps with pictures on the next batch of orks...)
Aug 25 '08 @ 12:36 PM

Posted by BM:

Aug 25 '08 @ 10:43 AM

Posted by Paul (Griffin):

Very nice indeed, those metals look the business. Care to give us a detailed step-by-step?
Aug 25 '08 @ 9:57 AM

Posted by Gryphin:

very solid, well done. I like the overall feel to it. Those rust powders/washes really do come out nice.
Aug 24 '08 @ 11:45 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

Aug 24 '08 @ 10:58 PM

Posted by Marky Mark:

looking good man!
The warpaint will make a big difference I think (they'll "pop")
I'm going to do up 1500 pts with the black reach sets 1 character when they come out
We'll have to play an actual black reach game (I'm doing ultras)
sound good?
Aug 24 '08 @ 9:48 PM

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