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Aug 21 '08

10:36 PM

Ork Boyz Progress

First of all I apologize for no pictures - and the bummer is, I won't likely have any until Sunday or Monday since I'm going out of town....

I'm kinda excited about the work I did tonight on the first unit of 10 Boyz with Shootas. Basically what I've done is blocked in colors as fast as I can (boots, pants, shirts, belts, metal areas, skin) and given them some "magic" washes (the kind that flow nicely into crevices etc for instant shadows). Then I've gone to work on the metals with MIG rust pigments, and a couple of Vallejo Rust Paints I had never seen before (Dark Rust and Yellow Rust). have to use this stuff REALLY sparingly so as not to overdo it, but I love the effects I'm getting on their equipment so far. Once I paint the flesh (really, the focus of any ork mini) and some details on each one, then add some blue tattoos etc for Deathskullz, I think they are gonna look great. And that only took me about 1.5 evenings to do, so this army may not take 20 years like I originally was fearing
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