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Aug 20 '08

12:25 PM

Orks - Good News Bad News

I've been reading Dakka Dakka forums/articles and found out a couple of things:

The good news: Orks are apparently very kickass in W40k 5th Edition.

The bad news: according to these 2 articles, the army I've been planning is made of fail lol

Dakka Dakka Ork Tactica 1

Dakka Dakka Ork Tactica 2

Things I was planning to use that are rated "poor":

- burna boyz

- meganobs

- nobz on bikes

- Deff Dreads

Also, I notice some of the stuff they rate quite highly is somewhat hard to come by in the sense you need to convert something to create them or buy bitz packs or something (Stormboyz, Battlewagon, Killa Kan with Custom Blaster thingy).

I'll be making some adjustments to my list I guess!


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Posted by zaiya mariya:

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Jun 29 '20 @ 1:44 AM

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Posted by Rabid Monkey:

I say go ahead and paint what you like then figure out how to win with it later. 90% of this hobby for me is modeling and painting, I get the feeling from reading your blog that you can relate to that.

I get an idea in my head of what I want my army to "look" like, then I just run with it. If you play enough games you can figure out the strengths and weaknesses of what you have and then use them to your advantage. Dont get caught up too much in what someone else thinks is worth taking, in the end its your army.
Aug 21 '08 @ 12:50 AM

Posted by Jarrett:

Have fun mostly - although I do want to be able to put up a good fight too :) Not sure when the article was posted, they don't date them (they should) from what I can see.
Aug 20 '08 @ 12:54 PM

Posted by Jon Mattison:

Admittedly not an an Ork player, but what is the date of that Tactica? My impression was that there were several Bike builds that were almost broken; which contradicts the "Poor" rating.
I'd keep looking at other sources.
Keep in mind, are you looking to "kick ass" or have fun with models you like?
Aug 20 '08 @ 12:39 PM

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