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Aug 19 '08

8:54 PM

Gonna have to wash up!

As I worked on the Boyz tonight it started to dawn on me how long it will take to paint 30, 40, 50 ork boyz to a high standard lol. So it's clear that for regular boyz, it's gonna be all about washes and a couple of highlites at most. I think the Nobs, Warbosses (naturally), and other more characterful guys will get a more thorough treatment.

I think my approach will be to block in colors, wash various segments with various shades, and do a highlite or 2 over that.

For the skin, it's looking like Knarloc green, followed by the Citadel Green wash with Vallejo GJ Black Green ink added to darken it a bit, then back over with Knarloc highlites and a final highlite of roughly 2/1 to 3/1 ish Knarloc + Gretchin.

More to come!

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