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Aug 18 '08

5:58 PM

Green Developments

I've made some progress on the orks, although I haven't nailed down the skin tones yet. So far I have 10 Ork Boyz (with Nob and Big Shoota), 7 Burna Boys with a Mek, and a bike assembled (with rider). I need to base the boyz, and keep assembling other stuff like the Big Mek with Shokk gun. One thing I think I've decided is that they will be Death Skullz orks.

Update: I did a little googling about "2008 Orks" and came across this link, which is super discouraging

Orks bad?

I have a bunch of models primed and ready for paint so I guess I'll keep going for now....

It's really striking to me how much negativity I encounter about 40k (and now, Orks I gu ess) online. It seems odd that SO MANY people play it, but I see so much vitriole about the game in discussion boards etc. I never really encountered that with Warmachine/hordes (other than griping about Eiryss, which is totally understandable

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