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Aug 18 '08

8:25 AM

Feelin' Orky Lately

I've been through this drill on Eldar before where I get all excited about a 40k race, start buying lots of units and plastics, and end up with a bunch of half-painted troops lol

But for now, I have an Ork bug, and am working on them a bit. I've got a test biker painted (mostly) and a unit of Boyz assembled.

Thing is, I need a way to paint them fast but still look good. I'm not really into dipping but I am likely going to do a lot of washes.

I'm also struggling to find a skin tone that I really like and feels "right". The one I did on my test model feels a bit too yellowish (went up to Gretchin Green).

Interestingly, over at Griffin Miniatures the gentleman there (I dont know his name) is posting about starting an ork force on his blog. He also mentions debating the skin tones. But the interesting thing is, he has orks in his 40k Gallery that have the skin tone I think I'd really like!

More to come....

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