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Aug 15 '08

8:01 AM

Too Ambitious!

Ack. When I get back into painting, I tend to get back into it in a big way. Right now, I feel like I want to paint EVERYTHING I SEE lol.

I'm jonesing to paint:

- Warmachine Cygnar to accompany a small army I am inheriting from a friend

- 40k Orks of all shapes and sizes

- The new Space Marines in the September Spearhead set (some of those character models are sweet!)

- Warmachine Legends models

- Hordes Epic Warlocks (Everblight specifically, for my army)

- Vampire Counts Skeletons

- The Skull Taker (Chaos)

- Dark Elf Cold One Nights

- a 40k Terminator Lord (Nurgle, to be finished off)

- 40k Terminators using Forgeworld Spacewolf and World Eaters accessories (ordered already!)

This isn't even the whole list. The stupid thing is, every night I kinda pace around my work area aimlessly, picking up models and putting them down again. I think I basically overwhelm myself with options to the point of getting nothing done. Other problem is I know deep down half this stuff won't get done if I buy it lol, and to top it all off it's gonna be really hot weather this week which I don't enjoy painting in.

I also want to paint nicer models, and try to get past an 8.0 score on CMON lol - I was totally hoping the AoW Shaman would do that as I put a lot of effort into him, but he's hovering under 8. Tough crowd

Just some ranting and rambling.

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Posted by charlly korpa:

Haha... I got your feelings. I am so excited to see your painting. When will you post some of them here? trinity builders I can not wait any longer to see it. I hope you will update me with some painting very soon.
Jun 6 '20 @ 7:02 AM

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Posted by Jarrett:

Thanks BM :)
Aug 17 '08 @ 10:59 AM

Posted by BM:

Your shaman deserves a rating above 8 for sure!
Aug 17 '08 @ 10:08 AM

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