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Aug 11 '08

7:52 PM

Avatars of War Orc Shaman

This guy was a real pleasure to paint and has the distinction of the first mini I've primed WHITE in a long, loooong time (I usually prime black).  The pictures are kinda making him look a bit oversaturated. In person I think he's my best fig in a while. 

He's on ebay as well.

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Posted by Anonymous:

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Jun 12 '20 @ 12:42 AM

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Posted by Jarrett:

Sorry for late reply - I used Citadel Foundation paints. Base was Knarloc Green, then highlites built up by adding Gretchin Green to that for a few layers.
Aug 18 '08 @ 5:51 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

Sorry, I have comment-emails turned off due to too much spam notices :) I used Citadel Foundation paints. I believe I based him with Knarloc Green, and then added Gretchin green to build it up.
Aug 18 '08 @ 5:50 PM

Posted by BM:

Would you mind telling me what colours you used to build up the skin? I've played around some with my greens, and usually, when I attempt greenskins, they get to be so... green. This one is more realistic.
Aug 14 '08 @ 11:31 AM

Posted by Jarrett Lee:

Thanks! Yeah I'm working on the base thing trying to keep it suitable but not take attention away from the mini. Maybe I'll try snazzing things up. Although my next couple are already based so it will have to wait for future minis I think.
Aug 12 '08 @ 8:17 AM

Posted by BM:

Stunning. Absolutely stunning! This is by far the best miniature you've put up on this site for quite the while!

The only thing I would want you to improve is that boring base. This miniature would look sooo good on some bigger scenic base for sure!
Aug 12 '08 @ 2:22 AM

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