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Aug 1 '08

10:35 PM

Some amazing tutorial videos!

I came across this site today on CMON and decided to give it a try: http://www.miniaturementor.com/

So far I've purchased the Jen Haley and Allan Carrasco videos, burned them to DVD and am viewing on my LCD tv. The video quality is superb. The tutorials are exactly what I would hope for: the masters, with a camera and bright lights right on the brushes. It's great to be able to see actual application of highlites, shading, and the consistency of the paints.  So far I've only had time to start watching Allan's video and I already feel like I got my money's worth.  They didn't ask for this plug by the way - Im just that impressed

It really strikes me as I watch these just how different my methods are from theirs. I guess it kinda tells me why my stuff can't even come close to theirs - they work in thin coats but I never before realized just HOW thin they are. Mine are like TAR compared to these lol.  Much of my recent work has been "gaming" stuff, so it's understandably (I hope) less impressive than competition or display stuff, but this definitely inspires me to try and up my game a bit going forward. I cant wait to watch more of these vids.

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Posted by Jarrett Lee:

Hmmm. Maybe not full reviews but I will say this: probably the best ones to start with are either Jen Haley or Allan Carusco's (sp?) videos as they have lots of interesting stuff in them on color theory and how those pros are applying their paint. I bought the advanced tutorial series (watched the black cloth and NMM ones so far) - they are ok but not as good as those other two I think. I haven't tried the basic video yet (about the Wolfen) as I assume it has a lot of the beginner stuff in it. I really found the AC and JH videos worth the money. That said, I''m watching them on my TV - I think watching them on computer (they are quite long) would be less fun :)
Aug 5 '08 @ 8:26 AM

Posted by marky mark:

hey man
do you want to post a review sometime of these?

I downloaded the "sample clip" and they look cool
I'm just trying to decide if I can justify buying them
Aug 4 '08 @ 5:43 PM

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