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Jul 21 '08

9:14 AM

Dark Elf Spearhead (GW)

Well, if there is a model(s) that could break my little painting dry-spell it is probably the new Dark Elf Cold One Knights.  They are - if you'll pardon the expression - "made of win". These are sweet, sweet sculpts. And they are plastic! I don't know why people are so anti-plastic...the detail on these is gorgeous, they are easy to assemble (and convert if you are so inclined).  Doesn't seem like anything is sacrificed here going from metal to plastic. But I digress - I've got the actual Lizards assembled, primed and started on painting them. The knights I'm assembling seperately even though I usually dont both doing that.

The spearhead box also has some nice Hero models that I'm hoping to paint up, as well as the really cool Black Ark Corsairs.

But really I'm all about the Cold One Knights (I tried to make that an acronym and it sounded...bad). I'd make an army of just these!

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Posted by zaiya mariya:

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Jun 20 '20 @ 2:20 AM

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Posted by Fred:

I love all the new DE models. Actually, I thought the previous edition was rather elegantly crafted as well. Can't wait to see yours Jarrett! :)
Jul 29 '08 @ 1:44 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

Yep, he's cool too! Whole buncha great stuff in there and in the Army Book. What I need now though is "tips for painting cold ones the way Eavy Metal did".
Jul 21 '08 @ 12:19 PM

Posted by Deitpike:

hey man
I totally agree on the cold one knights.
I'm trying to hold off on the box (currently painting a mad # of necrons)
But I really REALLY want to paint up that Lokhir Fellheart model.
Jul 21 '08 @ 11:08 AM

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