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Jun 1 '08

2:16 PM

Been a loooooong time!

Hey folks

Wow - sorry for the lack of updates. The stupid thing is I've actually painted a fair bit of new stuff (mostly Hordes/Warmachine such as my Cryx army redux).  Problem is due to a variety of home repairs and renovations my photography setup has been out of commission. 

Anyway, I've updated the for sale page and put the link back (it was down for a while).  I have some painted minis to sell but can't post pictures yet.  Some examples of what I plan to sell

Khador Butcher

Chaos Terminator Lord of Nurgle

Trollblood Earthborn, Winter Troll, Grim Angus

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Posted by Dan "YoungWolf7" Smith:

Good to see you back in action Jarrett, even if it is sans pics. :)
Jun 25 '08 @ 12:22 PM

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