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Feb 29 '08

10:11 AM

Some new work - Circle Orboros

Just a few (kinda dark) pictures of my new Circle Orboros army. So far it's not a super effective army (I realize I need Baldur for these constructs to shine).  I have some other beasts ready to prime...

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Posted by Langor:

Heya Jarrett. Check this out and tell me what you think:

Mar 28 '08 @ 2:45 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

PS - hopefully it's obvious I put most of the time into Kromac (the barbarian guy) and Gudrun (the ogre). Gudrun I did something differnt where I started with the mid-tone and then shaded and highlited. Usually I start at darkest tone and go up to highest. It definitely looks more odd to me as a result but was fun to try it.
Mar 4 '08 @ 10:12 AM

Posted by Jarrett:

Oh yeah, most definitely I went fast. Those dryad guys often dont even make it to the table for more than a few minutes anyway.

Not sure about Warhammer. It does look fun but I'm kinda put off by the sheer quantity of models needed to play.
Mar 4 '08 @ 10:10 AM

Posted by Langor:

Heya Jarrett,
Long time no see. I like the look of the models, but it's pretty clear that you sped through the golem and dryad looking thingies. I like the look of the horned dude with the axes.

So when are you going to try warhammer? I know you tryed a bit of warhammer 40k, but I think you might enjoy fantasy alot more. I am just starting to get back into painting as a form of relaxation, so I have been checking yer site every so often.

Keep posting. :)
Mar 4 '08 @ 10:00 AM

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