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Jan 27 '08

11:49 AM

Been a while!

Man, I'm really slacking on updates lately! Mostly due to extreme busy-ness and lack of painting to show off. I've actually painted a lot of stuff lately - problem is, it's pretty rushed stuff just for tabletop purposes - I've been back into playing Warmachine and Hordes. Still love those games!  Below are some Skorne and Everblight I did - again, rushed. But they actually look great on the tabletop - the reds are looking kinda crummy on my camera. 

Speaking of reds, here's a tip: P3 reds dont really cover that great - not as great as they were cracked up to be. Meanwhile, GW Foundation Mechrite Red covers awesome but is a bit ...dark...not sure what the description is I'm looking for. So what I did is buy some mechrite red and fill the rest of the bottle up with P3 Khador Red Base. BAM - it's awesome! A nice bright red that covers black beautifully. Make sure add a touch of water though, the foundation paints are pretty thick out of the bottle.

Im actually doing the same with some Cygnar blues. I'm using Mordian Blue mixed with Cygnar Blue Base.  Beautiful.

I'm really buying way more Warmachine and Hordes than I can paint up lately - I'm into Cygnar, Menoth, Legion, Skorne and now I'm off to buy some Trollblood models (yep, the same Trollbloods of which I sold a whole ARMY lately ....).  Gonna do a winter theme on the trolls. Sadly that includes the Opera-singer Winter Troll.   Also just finishing up some Incubi (Everblight).

I'm buying so much, I just realized I have 2 fully based, assembled and prime Caine warcasters.  Doh.

I swung by GW yesterday and saw the beautiful Golden Goblin entries. Unfortunately didn't have time this year to enter, but maybe next year. I was originally planning to enter the Ork Kommando leader.

Anyway, here's some shots of the tabletop stuff I've done recently. By the way, I've reduced prices on some of the unpainted models on my for sale page, including Confrontation metals which are becoming hard to find I think?

Sorry for the stream-of-consciousness nature of this post, Im in a hurry to head out to the games store

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WOW, so great to get a non-spam comment posted! Thanks for your feedback! The reds are nicer in person, honest :) My camera is really flattening them. I would say that for a "man size" one I can do it in one night of a few hours. For a big guy, like the titans, maybe 2 nights like that. For example, I have an Earthborn Dire Troll almost done and he was maybe 8 or 9 hours but includes a wrecked warjack on his base which added some time.
Feb 1 '08 @ 9:37 AM

Posted by BM:

I love the reds! Even though this is only ("only") table-top quality, it is still fabolous! Great job! How long does it take you, on average, to finish a table-top quality miniature compared to one you want to attempt to ebay?
Feb 1 '08 @ 8:57 AM

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