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Nov 6 '07

4:46 PM

This n' That

Hey folks - obviously the Iron Warriors auction is concluded. The next chaos lord is Nurgle and he's about 65% done - I think I'm going to spend some extra time weathering his armor etc. After that - any ideas for other chapters/powers I should do? I was thinking of doing a Red Corsairs lord.

Also, for international buyers (which seems to be most of you) - shipping is now going to be adjusted to be the same as North America (8.50) rather than the 15 I was listing (I've refunded anyone who overpaid). I guess these small boxes and plastic single minis arent much to ship.

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Nov 26 '07 @ 9:25 AM

Posted by BM:

I don't know if it is possible, but I'd like to see a non-chaotic paint-scheme, but with different parts of the armour that is "chaos" paint-scheme. Like one of those pre-hersey space wolves marines, or whatever they are (I havn't read White Dwarf in quite the while).

Like, for example, the miniature in a Space Wolf colour-scheme, but the marine has harvest parts of his armour from other chapters that he has destroyed during his crusade/lost in the warp/or whatever. Like, his armoured parts of his left leg is the colour of World Eaters, or Nurgle.

It might not be possible, though. I havn't seen the miniature up close, so I don't know how hard it would be to remove some of the Chaos icons and stuff.

But I think it would make for a nice idea, and give the miniature some background and stuff. :p

I am not su
Nov 8 '07 @ 1:14 AM

Posted by Rabidmonkey:

Night Lords? I wouldnt mind seeing your take on some lightning freehand.
Nov 6 '07 @ 7:27 PM

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