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Oct 29 '07

9:37 PM

Iron Warriors Chaos Lord

I finished this guy tonight and wanted to get a shot posted before heading off to bed. Its not a bad shot but I'll probably try to take better pictures (and other angles) tomorrow evening.

UPDATE: He'll be on ebay tonight for a 5 day auction, here's some more photos.


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Posted by Nate:

I really like the low contrast metallics.
Oct 31 '07 @ 5:47 PM

Posted by Gerrie:

Great choice of colors and very good overall atmosphere, the stripes work very well!
Oct 31 '07 @ 2:45 PM

Posted by Dan Byer:

I meant it's not a very vibrant color, a vibrant brass would be more like Dwarf Bronze.
Oct 31 '07 @ 2:35 PM

Posted by BM:

I totally agree with Dan. I, too, like this one alot. It looks really clean. The yellow/black makes a nice contrast to the metal colour.

I have no clue what undersaturated means, but I think that the brass is somewhat little too similar to the other metal colour. I would personally like if it was a little "brighter".

Anyway, whereas the other two Chaos Lords looked cartoony in colour and general apperance, this one looks a lot more "real", and that is something good in my book at least.

Now you've raised my expectations on the Nurgle one a whole lot! :p
Oct 30 '07 @ 3:41 AM

Posted by Dan Byer:

Neat color for the tusks/cloak, wish I could see it better. I like this guy better than the others so far, the brass(?) is a little undersaturated but that's just personal taste. I hope the others look this good :)
Oct 29 '07 @ 10:57 PM

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