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Oct 28 '07

8:25 AM

Upcoming stuff

With the Slaanesh Lord auction completed (I'm thinking 3 days ending on a Saturday not the brightest move, by the way) I have 2 more in progress: the first is an Iron Warriors one (hazard stripes are gonna look cool but are a bit slow to do) and the second is Nurgle (primed and ready to paint). He's not as "nurgly" as some of my older nurgle work because I"m not converting him much. Hopefully he'll still look pretty cool.

I'm still wanting to do a Tzeentch one but am less confident about how he should look, so that's going slower.  Wonder when I will (or you will) get tired of this kit??

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Posted by BM:

On a different matter, this is a miniature you should buy and repaint, Jarrett. :p I think you would make an absolutely stunning paint work with it!

Oct 29 '07 @ 9:54 AM

Posted by Jarrett:

Cool! Well, he's primed and ready to paint now so I probably won't do the battle damage, but his base is pretty nice (city ruin, like these other ones). I should have the Iron Warriors one done tonight and will be starting Mr Nurgle shortly.
Oct 29 '07 @ 7:33 AM

Posted by BM:

Oh, look at this. I didn't realise earlier that I actually could post under a name. How cool isn't that!

Anyway, I think that you will tire on the Chaos Lord kit prior of us (me, at least). I think it is a lovely miniature, and judging by your ebay customers, they both like the miniature and your painting!

I am still looking forward to your Nurgle one. I don't think that one must convert it plenty for it to look good. I think that, in many cases, a clean miniature that is painted well, will look just as good as a converted miniature that look "nasty" and, too, is well painted.

Instead of the converting, you could create a nice base and/or battledamage on the armour. I think a nurgle colour scheme would look excellent together with a greyish street/city ruin/rubble and some bulletholes or claw-marks on the armour.
Oct 29 '07 @ 3:28 AM

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