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Oct 24 '07

7:27 AM

Happy Wednesday

Update: the Chaos Lord of Slaanesh is all done, here's the pictures! He is on ebay now for a 3 day auction.

Got the new White Dwarf today -

Games Workshop is funny...sometimes their models are totally kickass, sometimes not so much. For me, the new High Elves all kinda fall flat. There's maybe 1 or 2 of the new ones that I find cool. Certainly no Tyrions like the last time the High Elves were released.  Not a big fan of the new dragon either.

On the other hand, loving the new Orks for 40k! All kinds of awesome new poses and tons of character, all well sculpted. He's not "new" but I think after this Chaos Lord I might be painting the Big Mek from a while back by Seb Perbet (not the new version he did). He's all primed and ready to paint.

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