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Oct 14 '07

11:06 AM


Hey folks!

Made it out to GW yesterday for the launch of most of the Apocalypse stuff. Finally saw the Baneblade in person, painted, and it's a pretty sweet looking model! I picked up a couple of the new basing kits with lots of nice resin and etched-brass bitz, and another Chaos Lord who I am in the process of painting in Slaanesh colors (he's equipped same as the Khorne one I did).  Like, pinks and purples. It looks better than it sounds   Also in WIP is that terminator librarian who is posed with his hand outstretched (you probably know the one as many painters have done him). He's about 65% done.

Speaking of that Chaos Lord (the finished one) he'll be on ebay this evening around 7:30 PST. I've also listed Bosun Grogspar and Doc Killingsworth (those auctions are now live).

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Posted by Anonymous:

You seem to get good paid for the Khorne one you painted too! Especially for one that you aren't entirely satisfied with yourself. Perhaps (hopefully), you'll find more inspiration and get stuck in doing more work and sell on ebay.
Oct 21 '07 @ 5:26 AM

Posted by Jarrett:

Within the week I guess, he's probably 85% done.
Oct 20 '07 @ 5:42 PM

Posted by Marky Mark:

so, being that it is slaanesh, when do we get to see it?
Oct 20 '07 @ 5:19 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

Ah, shoot - well, the purples and pinks are mostly done but I'll look into a photo for you. I can easily describe how they were done though.
Oct 15 '07 @ 6:39 AM

Posted by Anonymous:

Please take a few WiP photos on the Slaneesh miniature! I'd love to see the progress of how you use pink/purple colours (especially since I myself am painting Commissar Yarrick in pink). I'd love to get ideas and inspiration and stuff from you!
Oct 15 '07 @ 3:49 AM

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