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Oct 7 '07

9:11 AM

Chaos Lord Finished

Finally finished that plastic Chaos Lord I've been raving about (the actual model that is). Here's some photos, I think  he turned out not too bad.

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Posted by Jarrett:

Funny enough the blacklining is somewhat unintentional (ie I didnt go over the seperate parts on black, it just kinda happened with the shading). I agree the red could be better - I did it differently than I used to, and shoulda sticked to my old way :)
Oct 8 '07 @ 9:07 AM

Posted by Anonymous:

It looks great! Excellent facial expression. You really captured it! I also love the base and the cloak. Really nice shadowing/highlighting/blending. However, I think the red looks a tiny bit flat, and personally I do not like blacklining. I think miniatures using it gets a somewhat "cartoony" apperance then.
Oct 8 '07 @ 8:54 AM

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