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Sep 27 '07

8:37 AM

Apocalypse - I don't really get it.

I got this month's White Dwarf a day or two ago and enjoyed perusing it as usual. Obviously it's pretty much all about their new release, Apocalypse. There were 4-page foldout spreads of ENORMOUS armies in it.

Now here's the thing: I like Apocalypse because it's bringing with it some nice new models (particularly digging the Chapter Masters). But on the other hand, I'm wondering - is there a large demand for playing 40k on this scale? Are there people with 1200 models lying around?  Are there people who will buy 300 dollar boxes with 10 tanks in them? Who has time to build and paint 10 Leman Russ tanks?  How freakin long does it take to set up a game like that?

I'm sure they are out there. But - are there LOTS of people out there like that, enough to warrant a full scale release like this?

I still love that new Chaos Lord kit, though, and hope to pick one up soon.


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Posted by Hickel:

Posted by McLaughlin:

Posted by Dan Byer:

I think it's a pretty cool idea, and when you combine all my painted Marine armies you get something like 5000 points of models. And then there's about another 6000 points not painted yet (if you include the Battle Company I'm ordering).

Apocalypse won't in any way replace regular 40k gaming, but it makes bigass multiplayer games more viable, and EVERYONE who does club gaming has had a messy 4000 pt game at one point or another. I think it's a neat idea because games of this size simply don't work in regular 40k.

And if you're one of us crazy people who occassionally signs his soul over to Forgeworld, then you can actually use some of this stuff finally :)
Oct 11 '07 @ 2:34 PM

Posted by P Gordon:

Apoc looks to me like a failure waiting to happen. Who has that kind of money? Although I wouldn't mind trying my hand on the new Baneblade.
Oct 6 '07 @ 7:18 AM

Posted by James Penny:

Hi there,

I saw a game of Apoc being played down at the local bunker the other day (Halifax) and it just seemed daunting and I don't see how it will be much more fun than regular 40k. I say if you want big battles play Epic! :)

To risk a rant, the deeper meaning is that it's a corporation wanting you to spend a lot of money on a big book, and LOTS more miniatures.

Oct 2 '07 @ 6:03 PM

Posted by Glenn Bell:

Does anyone know why Matt Verzani does not do updates on his website?
Sep 28 '07 @ 2:23 PM

Posted by Fred:

Your right Jarrett. The concept isn't very practical, but many will still go out, and spend a lot of their hard earned dollars to assemble these ridiculous "legions", only to find out that it's...not very practical. I'm with Neil. I think its a shameless money grab.
Take care. :(
Sep 27 '07 @ 1:28 PM

Posted by Jarrett:

Oops, you are right I'll edit the post.
Sep 27 '07 @ 10:44 AM

Posted by Neil:

Is it call armageddon or Apocalypse?

I agree.

Though it will be good to buy a large box of tanks and split them with people you know and make savings. Thats the only thing I can reall think I will get from it. GW knows it is a religion of sorts to some and this is an ABC attempt at profit imho.
Sep 27 '07 @ 10:40 AM

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