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Sep 22 '07

9:33 PM

Bosun Grogspar

Finally got Bosun Grogspar painted (Warmachine Merc Troll). I'm pretty happy with how he turned out (for a change!). Today i went to buy the new plastic Chaos Lord from GW, because it's an awesome kit, and they were sold out. DAMN! Guess I gotta wait.

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Posted by Jarrett:

Yeah the splatter came out a bit odd for some reason.
Sep 23 '07 @ 8:30 AM

Posted by Anonymous:

Lovely paint work. Especially the blending on the skin and pants. Not too sure I like the blood splattered on the weapons, though. And I am not particularly fond of of how the water looks. Otherwise, nicely painted. Crisp and clean. Good job! :)
Sep 23 '07 @ 4:56 AM

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