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Sep 3 '07

5:02 PM

In the pipeline

I have an unfortunate disease which seems to have flared up again recently: I buy waaaaay more figures than I can paint   Having said that, I'm working on getting through some recent purchases, including Bossun Grogspar - I hope Im getting the name right, I'm on my laptop at the moment. He's the troll solo mercenary pirate (that's a lot of descriptors!).  He's about 80% done.  Also in WIP is Grim Angus (trollblood warlock) and today I purchased Kromac (druid warlock).  He kinda counts as 2 models though (beast and human forms).

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Posted by Anonymous:

I kinda liked the old one more as well, altough, this current one serves the function perfectly of being updated and such.

But I do admit that this current site is quite unpersonal and more focused on what TA is about. Which is fine by itself, but less "fun" to surf onto for "new" visitors. My 2 cents.

Oh, and by the way, I suffer from the same disease. I recently bought about 10 or so Rackham miniatures from ebay, and another 10 from a website selling Rackham at between 50% - 75% off the retail price! :p How could I not buy the things I wanted then? Soon my Confrontation collection is completed. Just to find the time to paint them too. ;)
Sep 6 '07 @ 2:17 AM

Posted by Jarrett:

Hm - do you mean the visual style of the site, or my posts, or both? Technically TA has always been a somewhat commercial thing for me (ie I paint to sell) but mostly I'm using this blog style as it is easy to update.
Sep 4 '07 @ 12:30 PM

Posted by Glenn Bell:

I like your old website a little better. This one seems more commercial and a little less personal. Just my opinion. Your minis are awesome though. Your one of my fav painters.:P
Sep 3 '07 @ 5:41 PM

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